Sunday, April 26, 2015

Incomplete Systemic Racism List

I use the word systemic because it’s widespread. Our racist history is still present in laws, practices, attitudes and beliefs. Here are a few examples. The list includes more stories about black people because of recent conversations about Mike Brown, but I'm trying to expand it.

Racism in Laws

  • Stand your ground / Castle Laws used as defense to murder
“In Florida alone, 26 children and teens were killed in Stand Your Ground cases.” “White-on-black homicides are 354 percent more likely to be ruled justified than white-on-white.”

  • Stop and Frisk Laws focus on minorities

  • voting laws

  • Immigration laws
SB-1070 racial profiling

  • Segregation in schools

  • healthcare

Racism in Police treatment
  • Murder of black men

  • Murder of black women

  • Murder of Native men

  • murder of white men leads to jail time for officer
The life of a murderous neo-nazi had value.

  • other physical abuse

  • Innocent black people detained for nonsense reasons

  • In consequences for officers

  • Police being suspicious of black people
New Jerseyman afraid to get out of the car

Racism in Courts and Prison
  • Harsher sentences for black defendants

  • Disproportionate numbers of black people in prison

  • White defendants “innocent” after murdering black people

  • Drugs

Racism in News Media regarding legal issues
  • White people are encouraged to fear black people

  • Victim-blaming and excuses for why a black person was murdered
Mike Brown “no angel” New York Times

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